Do You Need an Advertising Disclaimer?

James Chiodo, Certified Information Privacy Professional CIPP/US

An Advertiser Disclaimer is a notice posted on your Website informing users that your business will not be held legally liable, or responsible, for any and all claims or damages arising from any actions, errors or omissions by third parties (advertisers and sponsors,) whom advertise products or services on your Website.

How Does a Website Advertising Disclaimer Protect You?

Having an Advertising Disclaimer legally protects your eCommerce business (Website or Blog) from any and all claims or damages arising from actions conducted by third parties that can be accessed through your Website or Blog via an embedded link on your Website or Blog.

Protect yourself from lawsuits, fines, or judgments for actions conducted by advertisers, sponsors or merchants (third parties) that are beyond your control and for which you are not responsible for, or a party to by placing our attorney-drafted legal disclaimer for advertisers on your website or blog.

By providing notice that your eCommerce business will not be held liable for any and all errors, omissions, and negligence arising from actions conducted by third parties, it provides legal protection against any claims which may be asserted against you or your eCommerce business.

It reduces your exposure to lawsuits for actions committed by another party and also gives notice that your eCommerce business does not provide warranties of any kind with the products or services advertised, sponsored or sold via your Website or Blog, or linked to your Website or Blog.

Equally important to protecting your eCommerce business from third-party lawsuits, is ensuring you are in compliance with governmental regulations mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) and any other applicable federal and state Internet and eCommerce regulations.


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