New Year’s Privacy Resolutions

James Chiodo, Certified Information Privacy Professional CIPP/US

Update Your Privacy Policy

There are new Federal and State laws going into effect and enforcement actions beginning on January 1st, 2014. If you have not had your privacy policy and other disclosures updated in the last 3 months, this would be a good time to do so.

Not all, but most privacy policies need to address at least the following:

  • The type of information you colect from visitors or customers on your website or blog.
  • How that information is used and who you disclose it to.
  • How you inform customers about changes to your privacy policy.
  • California’s “Do Not Track” law A.B. 370.
  • Google ad network privacy provision (only if you display Google ads on your site).

“Clear and Conspicuous”

Don’t forget about the requirements for almost all State and Federal laws relating to disclosures, privacy policies and disclaimers. Although there is no definitive explanation of what “Clear and Conspicuous” is, the general definition is that it is “conspicuous” if it is in a contrasting color or at least as large as the surrounding text and would easily be seen by a visitor to your website or blog.


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