As New Internet Laws are Passed – Confusion Follows

James Chiodo, Certified Information Privacy Professional CIPP/US

Some of the new Internet laws passed governing website and blog owners are creating more questions and confusion than they are solving any real concerns of Internet users.

Case in point is the new California “Do Not Track” law that requires website and blog owners to disclose how they respond to “Do Not Track” signals produced by web browsers.

The website or blog owner can choose to “Obey” or “Not to Obey” the signals. The requirement for the new law does not require one or the other. It just requires they disclose how they will respond to the web browsers “Do Not Track” signals in their privacy policy that is posted on their website or blog.

So according to this law, there is no wrong choice so long as they disclose what they will do.

However, if the website or blog owner says they will obey the “Do Not Track” signals without a good explanation of exactly how they will do it, it is possible they could still risk violating the law because of an inadequate explanation of the procedure, even though they made an adequate choice according to the law. Even worse, currently there is no accepted legal definition of what constitutes honoring “Do Not Track” signals. “Yikes”

Then there is the new “Online Behavior Advertising (OBA) regulations issued by the Digital Advertising Alliance.


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