Does Your Website Have "The Big 3" ?

The Simple Guide to Learning Why You Need These 3 Documents Posted on Your Website.
Not Only Does It Help Protect You From Legal Fines; It's Also the Law. We Explain Below...

The Privacy Policy

Required by Law

Website owners are required by law to have a privacy policy (privacy notice) with the right disclosures on their website or blog. The vast majority of website owners are in violation of the laws governing websites. A privacy policy should be the first document you get for your website or blog.

Using Google Analytics, AdSense or Remarketing?

If you use any of Google’s services like Analytics, AdSense, and AdWords Remarketing, you are required to have specific privacy provisions as part of your overall website privacy policy or Google can terminate your service with them.

Facebook has similar requirements if you are using Facebook for advertising.

This is just one example of why understanding the laws and keeping your privacy policy up-to-date is important.

Fines for Violating Privacy Laws

Fines and lawsuit claims for violating privacy laws are anywhere from $2,500 to over $400,000 dollars.

The Terms and Conditions

Click to Agree

Many websites and blogs that have a terms and conditions posted on their site do not require their customers or users to click on “I agree” to their website terms and conditions before using their site or making a purchase. This is not the ideal way to protect yourself when doing business online. The courts are considerably less likely to enforce your terms and conditions without having a user or customer click on or check some type of “I agree” to those terms.


Almost every jurisdiction has accepted the concept that a website terms and conditions where a user or customer clicks to agree to accept the terms and conditions is a binding contract and enforceable in a court of law.

Additional Instructions and Support

Our attorney-drafted documents include complete instructions on how and where to post them on your website or blog to comply with the law. And should you need help; we offer free phone support to answer your questions.

The Disclaimer

Defense Against Lawsuits

An attorney-drafted website disclaimer is your first line of defense against complaints and potential lawsuits and can help protect you from legal action that your websites visitors could file against you.

Your Objective

Your objective as a website owner is to transfer the responsibility from you to your visitors and customers by having a proper attorney-drafted disclaimer posted on your website. A disclaimer accomplishes this by taking a foreseeable event and shifting the risk from you (the website owner) to the website visitor or customer.

Foreseeable Events

The critical part of any disclaimer is how the attorney drafted it to include Foreseeable Events. For example, if your disclaimer states you are not liable if "Scenario X" happens, how about if "Scenario Y" happens and hurts your customer? Is "Scenario Y" covered in your disclaimer, and, is it possible to cover all scenarios? This is where the language in your disclaimer needs to shine.

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